Arena Rebuild and Donations

We are still fundraising to complete stage 2 of the Arena rebuild which includes washrooms, and upper offices.

Please consider a donation to help us with our fundraising efforts!

Arena Rebuild

Dear members, supporters and friends

We need your help.

We’ve made progress with funds in place to date to rebuild the arena of $0.9M from insurance, internal funding and donations plus $0.6M in interim financing that must be repaid. Total rebuild cost is $2.2M. To everyone who has contributed their time and/or funds towards the rebuild project, we sincerely thank you for your support.

But we have a long way to go yet. That’s where you come in.  We need additional financial support. For more information on how to donate to the Arena Rebuild and how to receive a tax receipt for your donation of $100 or more, please click HERE.

Kind regards,

Brent Foster, MRAS Past President & Arena Fundraising Committee

You can also donate through Go Fund Me.


Planned Giving

Planned giving is one of the more selfless acts you can do in your lifetime  – and potentially one of the most rewarding. Your decision to donate helps us immensely.

Your generous help could work to ensure the non-profit Millarville Racing & Agricultural Society, with history now more than a century old, along with all the attendant programs and facilities you’ve enjoyed in your own lifetime, can continue to exist for the use and enjoyment of future generations.

Acts of Planned Giving can take many forms, including gifts that benefit MRAS immediately or gifts that benefit MRAS in the future. In many cases, it may be possible for MRAS to leverage your generous gift into a matching government or corporate grant, meaning even the smallest gesture could take on much greater meaning.

Here are some of the ways you can help better your community both today and in the future:


The most common feature of gifts of this nature is they can be used by the MRAS immediately and might include cash, cheques, money orders, and drafts. You might even use pre-authorized monthly deposits to MRAS or turn to a one-time gift or, you might think of donating in memoriam for a passed loved one.

The gift of stocks and/or bonds can have certain tax advantages to the donor while the gift of property, including land, vehicles, etc, is also very helpful.

Gifts “In-Kind” can also be very beneficial in the present day for MRAS. These may include donating a prize to be given away at one of our special events, donating services that might be used within MRAS or given away as a prize, starting an employee/employer matching grant program benefiting MRAS, or offering employees paid time off to volunteer and holding a company event with proceeds donated to MRAS.

All of these ideas and more would be very helpful in our efforts to maintain or refurbish our facilities for continued use, as well as for further program development.


This is sometimes referred to as Legacy Gifting and is, simply put, the act of pledging a gift today, in your lifetime, so that it might be delivered at a later date, usually upon your passing. The methods to do this are many and varied but here are a few:

  • Leaving a gift in your will, which might be cash or assets, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, GIC’s, real estate, vehicles, art, or jewelry.
  • Naming MRAS as a beneficiary of a portion or whole of your RSP/RRIF, Annuity, or Pension.
  • Naming MRAS as a beneficiary of a portion or whole of an existing or paid-up life insurance policy.
  • Purchasing a new life insurance policy naming MRAS as a beneficiary
  • Remembering a loved one who has passed on by making a memorial or tribute gift to MRAS in their memory.


The Racetrack facilities of the Millarville Racing & Agricultural Society service in excess of 100,000 people in any given year, numbers we can only expect to grow as the years march on. Our facilities are in need of upgrades while we also hope to commit more monies to program development, particularly for younger people.

Our goal, ultimately, is to maintain our position as a relevant and important focal point in your community through the next century, preserving the values and traditions of our founders from more than 100 years ago.

We do need your help, however, in any way you can offer, either today or in the future. And again, even the smallest gesture, either today or in the future, may allow MRAS to find a matching grant for it from the government or corporations. As a result, your generosity could go much further than you might anticipate.


For more information, contact the office at or 403-931-3411.


We would love to hear stories of how your relatives, your friends, or you have helped MRAS through Planned Giving in the past. Write us a note or e-mail us at so that we might share it with others.